Why More Companies Are Using Executive Search Firms

Increasingly, housebuilders and main contracting companies are looking to Executive Search to source new talent as it is becoming progressively harder to recruit in a candidate driven market.

The availability of middle and senior management is becoming increasingly scarce, especially with the ongoing growth of the housing and construction sectors. Moreover, internal recruiters are finding it hard to fill senior roles as they do not have the experience, network or track record to find these people and rely heavily on a standardised LinkedIn approach. It is therefore beneficial to invest in an Executive Search Firm to fill those roles and secure the strongest candidates to add value to your business, who in turn bring high calibre individuals.

The Benefits of Using an Executive Search Firm

1. They search to find you the best talent, not just those that have applied to your job posting. Search, mapping and approaching of passive candidates will be a time well spent.

2. The return on investment will be greater because you will receive a high calibre of individuals who have already been cross checked with both formal and informal referees. Plus industry references are key to most Executive Search businesses.

3. You are working with experienced Consultants, well connected within the industry which benefits the thoroughness of market mapping.

4.Rather than you having to search though many applications, Search will bring you a select few exceptional candidates that have been shortlisted based on pre-selection interviews and referencing.

5. The depth of understanding surrounding your business, culture, structure and product. We ask what your goals are as a company and what you want this individual to achieve, ensuring we find someone who can fit into your company culture well – delving beyond a two-dimensional CV.

We sometimes ask for a retainer with our Clients. This ensures that both parties are fully committed and allows us to invest more upfront time and resource into the Search and  allows us to research deeper and further when we know we have a Client’s support to justify.

Companies are more aware of how much a bad hire can cost them and are therefore willing to invest more into Search firms to find them the right talent that will result in a long-lasting relationship.

We find that Clients are increasingly coming to us with multiple, lower level requirements, hence why we have introduced our newest division, Workplace Solutions. This is helping to fill the skill shortage roles that the industry needs such as Quantity Surveyors, Site Managers, Sales Consultants and many more.