Benefits of Using Thomas Gray

At Thomas Gray, we want to share what our team values and how they ensure a great experience for our Clients and Candidates alike.

Our Core Values are our company and team’s best qualities which have been implemented by Tom Gray and developed over a successful 50+ year history. These values are what Thomas Gray has been built on and why our Clients and Candidates trust us.

To understand what our company and team value, we gathered everyone to complete an exercise thinking about what makes Thomas Gray successful and different. We also asked each team member what they value in life and how this might replicate in their work. We wanted our Core Values to be what our team already believe in than ask them to follow a set of ‘rules’.

Thomas Gray Core Values





We work together to offer our Clients and Candidates the best experience with us – fulfilling their requirements and exceeding expectations.


We pride ourselves on enviable relationships built over the last 50+ years of business. Our Clients and Candidates trust us due to our confidential and honest approach.


We are exceptionally well-connected at the highest level in our sectors – being able to open doors for Candidates to progress their careers as well as uncovering hidden talent for our Clients.


We have a team of highly specialised Consultants bringing depth of knowledge and understanding gleaned from 57 years with TGL. When you contact us, you are speaking to an industry expert.


Frequent and honest communication keeps all parties informed throughout the process. In our eyes, there is no other way to be.


We set a high standard in providing an excellent service to Client and Candidate – continuously working on ways to improve customer experience and adapt to change well.


Quite simply, how we built our reputation.