Ways to Fill Your Job Roles in the Skill Shortage

With the Government stating we need to produce 300,000 new homes every year, the industry has boomed, however this has also caused a strain on recruitment.

The big issue facing the housebuilding and construction industries is a lack of skilled professionals and high demand of certain trades including bricklaying and carpentry. The Federation of Master Builders’ recently announced in their quarterly assessment that this is at its worst since 2008.

Speaking with the Building Magazine, Graham Cherry, Chief Executive for Countryside Partnerships South, one of our Clients, addressed this issue stating, ‘building skills capacity and a loyal and energetic workforce is the key to long-term success’. Businesses need to invest in the next generation and inspire and excite them to want a career in this thriving industry.

However, achieving this takes more than simply offering greater opportunities to young people, it’s changing the industries reputation as a ‘bricklayer in muddy boots’ with everyone in the industry positively impacting this change in attitude. The apprenticeship opportunities, for example, need to become more attractive in terms of remuneration and incentives coupled with a strong programme and exposure to highly skilled professionals. The influencers then need to target schools and parents to encourage young people to view construction as a genuine career path. Working closely with education establishments, construction sites need to be accessible to young people to enable hands on work experience.

These companies also need to look further afield and consider individuals from aligned sectors who have transferable skills. At Thomas Gray we have introduced a division specifically focussing on this concept which is helping support our clients strengthen their teams. Workplace Solutions widens the talent-pool, introduces companies to cross-sector recruitment and improves the diversity of employees. Contact katy@tglsearch.com for more information.