At Thomas Gray we offer a bespoke service uncovering and sharing talented individuals highlighting what they can bring to your business. We also work closely with our candidates to help them unlock their potential and to find the right role suited to their skillset and, moreover, cultural fit.


Market Mapping identifies the skill level of candidates within the specified function as well as illustrating the geographical spread of talent and where to find valuable hires.


This is a fundamental process that Thomas Gray include for retained assignments as well as every Executive Search which, in itself, is a stand-alone service.


There are a number of individuals who would move sideways for the right opportunity, many of whom are open to relocation to develop their career in the sector.  We are in regular contact with middle, senior management and Board Directors to fully understand their motivation and, at times, frustrations with their current organisations and we are proud to confirm that our reputation has been pivotal to our success over many decades and how we have treated our candidates in a transparent and honest way.


If you are looking to attract and retain top talent whilst staying ahead of the market, then Thomas Gray would highly recommended contacting one of our senior team to discuss customised and, in some cases, free service to enable you to understand compensation levels.


We are able to provide off market, first-hand industry knowledge which will enable you to review your business in terms of salaries and benefits in comparison to your competitors.

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