Making Your Company More Diverse

To celebrate Pride Month in support of the LGBT community and raise awareness of diversity, we have detailed what employers can do to be more diverse.

Why Should a Company Embrace Diversity?

Companies are increasingly aware of public perception surrounding diversity in the workplace. Ultimately, these businesses want to attract and retain the best talent in order to strengthen their standing. Candidates look for a company that demonstrates they value and encourage diversity in an open and supportive culture.

With the power of social media, reputation can be incredibly delicate, and discrimination can be, rightly, very damaging to a brand. This has resulted in increased resource being put into staff training and company policies.

Legally, the Equality Act 2010 protects people in employment from discrimination, victimisation, harassment and protected characteristics (disability, gender, marriage, sex, race etc). Should a company face legal action they must be able to prove they have not unlawfully discriminated.

Diversify your business to attract talent

By supporting organisations and communities such as LGBT, you create a culture of support to employees and potential candidates. Talent is becoming increasingly harder to secure in housebuilding and construction and therefore, organisations need to be attracting candidates rather than repelling potential hires.

This creates a positive message to all employees, be they current or prospective, that they can work free from judgement, discrimination or harassment.

How Companies Can Achieve This

Ensure that discrimination and stereotyping play no part in the recruitment and selection process, that talent and work experience are all that are considered.

This may involve a change in company culture to embrace the differences in employees and encourages all to understand and accept diversity through training. Team building and social events such as lunches or drinks after work will encourage your team to get to know each other.

Furthermore, why not offer your employees flexibilities around religious holidays, adaptable working hours for parents and a support structure to reduce stress.

In the end, the critical message to portray is that your business is moving forward, being diversity focused and valuing its employees. Security through company policy and protection from discrimination will ultimately mean a happier and more effective workforce in an open environment.

At Thomas Gray we support our clients in achieving their diversity goals by our own procedures and policies.  These include approaching candidates in lower level roles who have the potential to step up, which intern, broadens our talent pool.