Vivid plans to build 500 modular homes

Vivid homes have ambitious plans to build up to 500 modular or volumetric houses over the next five years. The housing association recently signed a five-year joint venture with BoKlok, the Ikea-owned modular manufacturer, with the aim to build roughly 300 homes each year.

With the pandemic creating a change in consumer preferences, customers have become more interested in larger homes with gardens.

At present, Vivid have identified three land opportunities, two of which are already in discussion with Boklok and the other they will find “an additional modular partner”. These sites will all be promoted as solely modular. They aim to deliver 17,000 homes by 2030, with 1,600 being built this year.

The strategic partnership scheme, which gives housing associations long term funding for their development programmes, states that a quarter of the homes created must be built using modern methods of construction (MMC) which covers a wide range of construction methods, including modular, flat panel or 3D volumetric construction.

“I think 25% of the programme having to be MMC, and with the top-up of volumetric, might cause a bit of a shift in terms of what providers are then delivering on the ground,” Mr Shepherd said.

In an interview with Inside Housing, Mike Shepherd, director of new business and development at Vivid, said the housing association has an “aspiration to build 300 to 500 homes per year from modular or volumetric housing types over the next five years”.