Redrow announce ‘biggest change’ in 40 years

Redrow have announced after 40 years that they will be refreshing their brand, including introducing ‘paperless’ sales centres and creating a new logo inspired by the Arts & Crafts movement, “which will help to create a cleaner and simpler look”.

The Covid-19 pandemic has seen a change in home ownership trends and this fits perfectly with their heritage product and creating homes ‘that are better by design, better places and better experiences for customers’.

The new geometric patterned logo will be rolled out across digital channels and initially on three sites in its South Wales and East Midlands divisions – Redrow intend to roll out the new format to all schemes.

Redrow’s paperless sales centres which are called Customer Experience Suites, include interactive screens, site plans & digital welcome banners – this change reflecting Redrow’s investment in technology, improving customer engagement through the full buying process and aiming for a “better way to live”. These changes allow customers to view choices, upgrades and complete their reservations online through an iPad.

Matt Grayson, Redrow’s group customer and marketing director, said: “This is the biggest change to Redrow’s brand and sales outlets in over 40 years and it comes at a time when, in the wake of the pandemic, our larger family homes and open places are more desirable than ever before. Although a lot has changed, everything is rooted in our Arts & Crafts heritage, ‘a better way to live’ philosophy and 5-star customer service.

“We are also proud to be leading the way in the industry by providing customers with a seamless combination of digital and in-person experiences. Customers want the convenience of online options, but we know that high quality experiences outside the home are also incredibly valuable.

“After a year spent largely avoiding social contact, visiting exciting ‘destinations’ which sell a lifestyle, rather than just a product or service, will be highly appealing, whether that is for dining, fashion or in our case high-quality new homes.”