Nutrient Neutrality rules, plans to be dropped

After the hold up of more than 100,000 new homes, the nutrient neutrality rules have finally been spoken about and there are plans to discard them. A change that will provide an essential boost for the UK economy.

As the government aims to amend the Levelling Up and Regeneration Bill and ‘do away with this red tape’ housebuilders are hopefully that this will ease the planning blocks up and down the country allowing for the much-needed homes.

Both Barratt Homes and Carlisle based Story homes have had a combined number of 6,500 homes blocked by the current legislation, so welcome the necessary changes in order to tackle the lack of new homes.

Housing secretary Michael Gove said: “We are committed to building the homes this country needs and to enhancing our environment. The way EU rules have been applied has held us back. These changes will provide a multi-billion pound boost for the UK economy and see us build more than 100,000 new homes.”

Grayham Tucker, Group Managing Director of south west-based Cavanna Homes, added: “For Cavanna Homes, like other SMEs builders, the rules as they stand have threatened the viability of our business, and prevented the construction of much-needed quality, energy-efficient housing in the South West.  Now we need this welcome change to become law as fast as possible so that we can get building.”