Ilke Homes to deliver 1,000 zero carbon homes

Ilke Homes has recently revealed its “mainstream” zero carbon home which will save consumers £1,000 a year with zero bills. The advancement of manufacturing, materials and renewable energy have allowed Ilke to make this change, previously trialling zero carbon homes for five councils and housing associations.

They are now in a position to roll out this new model with the aim to deliver more than 1,000 zero carbon homes a year. Their homes which use renewable energy, are “highly insulated and incredibly airtight”, “whilst LED lighting uses less than a quarter of the energy of a halogen bulb. The homes “create less waste and are more thermally efficient because many of the components come pre-assembled or are cut and manufactured using robots”.

Ilke claim that the “small cost premium” or zero carbon homes would be eliminated by 2030 through a reduction in component costs and the progression of manufacturing processes, including robotics and AI, allowing consumers to save up to £1,000 a year of energy bills.

The business has called upon the wider construction industry to work together and accelerate the progression of zero carbon home delivery, with government incentives significantly bringing down the costs of materials.

Dave Sheridan, Ilke Homes’ executive chairman, said: “We have spent years investing in our factory and this mainstream zero carbon home is a great example of how the private sector can respond to politicians’ net zero pledges. There is a huge opportunity here to tackle fuel poverty while helping investors meet their green targets. But we need our supply chain and our partners to work with us. Driving down the cost depends on scale and equally, we need to act now.”