Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

In detail…

At Thomas Gray we follow our core values set out by Tom Gray back in 1966 of providing a quality and professional service, led by honesty and trust with candidates and clients – we remain focused to surpass their expectations in delivering, listening and achieving at every opportunity we represent them whilst actively developing new relationships, creating a wide candidate base of skills, talent and diversity.

As a company we:

  • Adapt an open-minded approach to research and sourcing
  • Identify the most relevant and highest calibre of talent regardless of gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, disability or socioeconomic background
  • Advertise across a range of platforms and networks to widen our reach of candidates
  • Use proofing tools and web crawling technology to find candidates beyond our usual talent pool
  • Search within neighbouring sectors increasing a broader inclusive database
  • Refrain from using exclusive / biased language and presentations
  • Provide a workplace that fosters equality, fairness and respect for social and cultural diversity
  • Reinforce our diversity policy within daily activities, practices and procedures
  • Treat clients and candidates with equal respect