Virtual Meeting Advice

As a team, Thomas Gray are operating at full strength and continue to support our clients and candidates through this difficult time for all of us.

Whilst there is uncertainty globally, we are still taking instructions on new mandates and remain busy across all functions and levels with most of our key clients.

Our team highly recommend using applications such as Microsoft Team, Zoom and Skype to keep the communication between both our clients and candidates.

If you are not familiar using such platforms, we have included some simple tips which you may not have considered:

  • De-clutter your space and minimise distractions, remember if you wear glasses they will see the reflection of the room around you
  • Avoid typing notes as the noise will echo and disrupt the call, we would also recommend having all content printed
  • Allow at least a 2 second delay when asking / answering any questions due to the time lag
  • To avoid echoing, use headphones
  • Avoid wearing bright colours or all black since this will affect the camera tint
  • Look at the camera and not the screen, assure your set up has quality lighting
  • Remember that body language still counts

The Technical Side:

  • Be sure to check your internet connection and bandwidth using Ookla Speedtest – your ideal connection speed should be 10Mbps minimum
  • Pause large downloads on your computer as this will affect your video quality
  • Remove all open browsing tabs to ensure your computer operates at maximum speed

We are aware that not everyone will have access to a computer at home, therefore we have had several clients and candidates across the Home Counties utilising a floor in our Virginia Water office that we are keeping vacant for either 1 to 1 interviews or virtual meetings.

Should this offer be of interest to you, please contact the team.

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