CALA Homes launches Sustainability Strategy

CALA Homes aim to achieve operationally net zero carbon homes from 2030, as part of its Sustainability Strategy that they have just launched. Alongside this, they plan to reach net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2045, which is ahead of the UK government’s 2050 target and in line with the Scottish Government.

This strategy forms part of Owner Legal & General’s commitment to make all new homes operational net zero carbon ready from 2030, whilst also aiming to align with the US Paris Agreement to “achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2050”.

In addition, CALA use timber frame construction on roughly 40% of its homes, with the plan to increase this and work towards the goal of gas-free homes from 2024.

A roadmap will be devised of ‘targets, measures and areas of interest to pursue as priorities’ and Internal working groups are currently exploring “other tangible ways CALA can decarbonise its operations”, including zero carbon homes and transportation, with over 90 employees involved in helping the business achieve their sustainability objectives.

‘Green teams’ have been established in each of the eight regional offices and two head offices to assist with research and implement local level initiatives, these include employment wellbeing, recycling and energy saving within offices.

Brian Johnson, CALA’s development director, said the roadmap would include testing of innovations including infrared heat mats and panels, battery and thermal storage technology, hydrogen and electric boilers and mechanical ventilation systems.

“To support the use of such technology in the future, we’re also working with utility providers to inform discussions around the decarbonisation of the grid,” he added. “We have already put in place pioneering measures such as utilities calculators and monitoring stations on some of our developments, to provide data which supports our net zero carbon commitment and ties in with wider infrastructure.”